Help us integrate Basic Cart with Payment

Basic Cart is a light-weight web shop solution for Drupal. Its users have asked for integration with Payment, an independent payment processing platform for Drupal.


The campaign goal is to integrate Basic Cart with Payment, so customers can pay for orders, while keeping Basic Cart light-weight. With your support, the code for this can be written, and documentation can be published to help you use Payment quickly and easily.

What we need & what you get

  • Backers get the possibility to suggest additional features.
  • Every €50 supports an hour of work and gets you one vote. This may seem a little high to some, but consider that the Netherlands, where Bart lives, is one of the more expensive countries in the world, and as a freelancer he has more expenses than employees, for example rent, computer, software, travel, and costs of improving his skills.
  • Use your vote(s) to support proposed additional features. After the initial integration has been added, those features can be added based on how many votes they get. This directly benefits your projects.
  • You will get a solution that is solid, well-documented and complies with Drupal's coding standards.
  • You will get code documentation and written articles on how to use these new features.